Martha Elena Solano and Ademar Real Estate, represent MRG in the Guadalajara area.

Since 1980, Ademar Real Estate has been a leader in the real estate industry, adapting to the changes that have taken place in the country, overcoming the economic crises that have arisen as well as the changes and urban growth of the city. For Ademar Real estate, it is fundamental to understand the personal moment that their clients are living. They know that the decisions made about real estate involve serious discussion and analysis. Ademar Real Estate offers all customers full assurance that their advice will be impartial and always seeking full client satisfaction.

Ademar Real Estate’s support group and team members include Rex Chambers and Ricardo Angulo.

Rex spent 20 years as a general contractor and union carpenter before joining the Windermere Real Estate (Olympia WA.) in 1995. In 2002 Rex co-founded Networks Real Estate LLC and after purchasing a Mazatlan condo in 2006, Rex moved to Mexico full-time in 2009. Rex is co-owner of Mexico Real Estate Guides and just received his 10 year certificate from AMPI Mazatlan. Rex brings 13 years of professional real estate experience and US standards to the table along with 10 years of closing transactions in Mexico.

Ricardo Angulo is director and co-owner of Mexico Real Estate Guides. Ricardo was born in Mexico over 4 decades ago. In 2006, Ricardo began his career in real estate, he is bi-lingual, well versed in the evolution of Mexico and has been a member of AMPI (MLS) and Realtor Association since 2008. Ricardo is familiar with Mexican culture, legal channels, the history of real estate and the geographical diversity throughout Mexico. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, contacts and experiences.

We are uniquely qualified to professionally guide you through the process of choosing the neighborhood that compliments your lifestyle, qualifying the construction and processing the purchase and closing documents.